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RO System daily production 300 liters


1 / device stages:

The first stage: a micron filter of polypropylene with a porosity of 5 microns to make a fine filtering of all impurities and plankton.
The second stage: a carbon filter from granules of high-quality active carbon to adsorb organic materials and chemicals.
The third stage: scaled carbon filter with a porosity of 5 microns [It can also be replaced with the last 1 micron of polypropylene, according to the results of the analysis.
Fourth stage: Membrane, which is a natural cellulose membrane that works

With reverse osmosis system} with permeability 0.0001 microns {without any chemical interference}
Fifth stage: a final filter of active carbon granules made from natural coconut shells to emphasize the return of water to its natural crystal-shaped image and make the water in its natural crystal form the most palatable with a feeling of hydration

2 / Salts control faucet: It works to control the salts in the water

3 / Solenoid Valve: works to shut off the drainage of water to the municipality

4 / Low pressure automatic: works to shut down the pump in case the water entering the device is weak

5 / High pressure automatic: it works on the pump when the water in the tank is reduced and the pump shutdown when the tank is full

6 / Booster Pump: works on water pressure in the parts of the station at 125 psi

7 / Adaptor

8 / Made in Taiwan

The filter holder does not include the stand

The stands are spare parts

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